Alberto Molinari


At one point of his life, he understood that to be aligned with the world, he needed to speak English, be able to use the PC and the internet. A few years later, he majored from a US college in Web Design & Development with High Distinction

Growing up in a village of 500 in the Italian Alps, Alberto Molinari knew wanderlust early on.

I always wanted to visit the world,” he said, “and meet people from everywhere.

He didn’t know his travels would also become virtual until he decided to pursue an affordable education in a high-demand field – 4,361 miles away at Stark State College in North Canton, Ohio

By the time he was 24, Alberto had visited several countries, but said he knew two other things were important to his worldview: technology and English. He spent more than two years in Australia learning both before returning to his family in Italy.

Two years later he visited a friend in Akron.

There, he found Stark State, where he could continue his studies online from overseas. Once home, Alberto pursued his degree while also working full-time, including a job as an Informatics Technician for an Italian-owned company in Poland. Ten months later he was back in Italy, concentrating on his last two months of school.

For sure it has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life,

Alberto said of his online, overseas education.

To reach goals in life we need to make sacrifices, and so it has been.

The hardest time was in Poland, in a new country, with a new language to deal with, a new job to learn and the college grades to keep high,
Alberto said.
There is where I lost my only point in all my studies.

Still, he said, he kept his eye on his goal of

earning the best degree possible for finding a job,

and by January 2017 he had earned his Stark State degree in web design and development, graduating with high distinction with a technical GPA of 4.0 and an overall GPA of 3.95.


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I‘ll do all the work for you


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