Amish Style


Years ago I had a nice experience living in the States, where I’ve been for almost one year. The most interesting thing there, is absolutely the discovery of those amazing people, the Amish.

They took my attention, because in the country where everything run around the business, the materialistic and consumerism society, they still live as true life is.

For true life, I mean living in the respect with everything and everybody, you come first and then me. So, in your position, I should come first and then you, creating a unbreackable chain of respect that caught my hart. I felt to be lucky to have seen this kind of life style people, that unfortunately for me can be only a dream or utopy, because to have grown in this society, is impossible to get back, leave everything about technology and our lifestyle, for live such a healthy and natural life.



In conclusion, I want to express all the respect that this amazing society of Amish deserve! Never give up, happiness is something different of the one we “civilized” think, but close on what they live for.

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