Marsaxlokk fish market

Malta experience, Marsaxlokk fish market

A little walk on the Sunday Marsaxlokk fish market


Marsaxlokk fish market, something to see in Malta.

Marsaxlokk (/mɑrsɑʃˈlɔk/) is a traditional fishing village in the South Eastern Region of Malta, with a population of 3,534 as of March 2014. The village’s name comes from marsa, which means “port” and xlokk, which is the local name for south east. The word is related to the name for the dry sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara, comparable to the equivalent Catalan word, “xaloc”. The village is known for the Marsaxlokk Market, a large market which takes place around the whole village on Sundays and tourist market all days during the week. The inhabitants of the village are called the Xlukkajri and are historically fishermen.


Marsaxlokk is about 40 minutes from Valletta by public bus No. 81 or No. 85. The village is approached via a long, narrow, straight, road with vineyards on both sides, or along the coast from Birzebbuga if traveling on the No. 85. The bay is at the south-east end of the island and is memorable for the many colourful, traditional fishing boats called luzzu . The painted eyes on these luzzus are believed to protect the boats from danger. Tourists visit the town for the picturesque photo opportunities of the bay filled with colourful fishing boats, plethora of seafood restaurants and the very busy Sunday market that sells everything from fish, fruit and vegetables, delicatessen goods and groceries, to souvenirs, clothing and footwear. Another attraction is the nearby, spectacular, Saint Peters Pool. This is a swimming area with crystal clear, deep blue water behind the Delamara Power Station. It is not advisable to visit when the wind is from the South or East however, as the water can become cloudy and sometimes, rough.

Once here, after making it to the souvenir market, one can eat a fish dish or make it to St. Peters Pool, one of the nicest places to swim. Yet, not appropriate for the young ones. however, along the fishing village there are still plenty of places where one can swim. Either sandy or rocky beach.


Marsaxlokk & the king cat!!


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