Malta experience, White Rocks murales

White Rocks Murals Malta


A walk on White Rocks, just next to Pembroke in Malta,

to see all those beautiful murals painted in the abandoned buildings.

Some of them are absolutely astonishing!


How to reach the White Rocks murals in Malta? Very easy; by stopping at the bus station Kosta on Pembroke! 

After roughly one kilometer of walk on the Triq Adrian Dingli, is finally possible to find an empty buildings’ abandoned area. Here is where people enjoyed to color those buildings with some amazing murals.

The first two murals, as big as the whole frontage of the building, are so well made that can leave people breathless.

Then, walking around all the area and inside those awe-inspiring buildings, there are all the other masterpiece of art. Smaller then the main two, but very nice and interesting to see.

Of course, not all the murals are so beautiful, but the quantity of good ones, make it worth to spend half day in this magnificent forgotten area, White Rocks Malta.




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