museum Praha Prague

Prague’s first impressions

Prague, The Heart Of Europe   The magical city. Once you visit Prague, you always want to come back.   Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union[6] and also the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river, the city is home to about 1.4 million people, while […]

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Malta experience, Valletta & Mosta

Nice day around Rotunda of Mosta & Valletta city Valletta Valletta (/vəˈlɛtə/; Maltese pronunciation: [ˈvɐlɛ.tɐ]) is the capital city of Malta, colloquially known as Il-Belt (IPA: [ˈil.bɛlt]; lit. “The City”) in Maltese. Geographically, it is located in the South Eastern Region, in the central-eastern portion of the main island of Malta having its western coast with access […]

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