Reflection about this fast change, where teens are disrespectful


At one point of my life, I could not understand why all these teenagers were so disrespectful about anything. There are so many arrogant teens around; I was not like them, and only few guys of my generation behaved like them.

At the time I started to thinking about, I was 23 years old. Now I am 32 years old, I had a lot of time to think, and many different people from different country to compare. In my life, I have been always respectful and at most with older people. Was like that for everybody, the older person has to be respected, and the respect for old people was natural.

Very fast, everything changed and young people became surreal. I started to notice something was changing, and in only few years most of the teenagers did not care anymore to respect anybody, and anything; they follows the most stupid fashions without know the real meaning, and to meet a polite young person is becoming rare. It was shocking how fast it happened. Some friends of mine think that is natural, and my point of view is the same of people that come out of that age. I disagree. I can feel something important was going on.

One of the causes of this change, in my opinion, is because in Italy (where I live), the boys who was born before 1985 had to join the army for 10 months. After 2003, the army for the people born after 1986 was not mandatory anymore. This was a big change. I joined the Army at the age of 18, and in the army everybody must respect, and must do what the higher grade’s people tells to do. Nobody cannot complain about nothing, all people have always to say “yes sir” when it comes from higher grades. This is called discipline, what really is missing in the young teens that I am talking about. For me, this can be a big cause of the problem, because the generations free of the Army service, are free of the meaning of discipline and respect too.

A huge help for the people to be raised badly, can be the TV. I think TV is only a brainwash, made from who rule what we have to see, what we have to know, what we have to become, and what we have to buy. People usually think that what they say in television is everything true, I am sad anytime I hear people say “believe me, has been said even in television”. Also, we know about the subliminal side of television. Many people work creating subliminal for the consumerist, who choice some product instead of others without realizing why. Or more, like the important case about Disney’s movie, As Leef Smith article on The Washington Post, in September 1995 reported, American Life League (ALL) asked Disney
“to apologize to its fans for including what is says is inappropriate sexual material in several of its films”. Was a scandal at the time that the erotic subliminal was exposed in them movies for kids. Everybody in the occidental world watched that movies and still do. In addition, kids in the last 20 years are growing up with television, videogames and all this staffs that influence a lot the mentality of a person. When I connect these two facts, I understood why nobody has any more they own personality, and most of the teenagers are becoming foolish.

Television, has been one of the best way to make people become obedient sheep, thank at the great work behind subliminal world. Television changed the way to raise children from relatives exposed at such of important subconscious influence in everyday life. For the first time, people who grown up with television, started to became parents. This is another main cause of the teenagers behave problem. My point of view is that relatives influenced by television, raise up in different way them kids, than people grown up without such of influence.

Talking with friends that live in different area of mine, reading news, reading forums, and anything where I can have information enough to have an idea, seems that many of these days’ parents are the first people to have kids. The kids are spoiled, not polite at all, and they feel that they can do anything they want, because parents always let them do everything they want, every time. Even in the situations where the kids are wrong, the parents come to defend them without sense, but then, the kids feel to be always protected, and so they feel they can do whatever they want.

Different teachers I know told me one interesting thing, when they give a bad grade to a student, or write down a note about bad behave they had in class, often parents get angry with teachers, instead to become angry with them kids. Understand how wrong some parents are, is one of the most important point on bad teens behave. In my ages, if a teacher gave me bad vote I get scold from my parents, and if I get noted about a bad behave at school, I get slapped; and then my parents usually was telling teachers to slap me too, if I behave again badly. This reaction was normal from every parent until my generation, then, is changed to become the opposite. The student rule the teacher….unbelievable.

All my doubts about teenagers behave changing became stronger, because for a while I worked around Italy, and I used to talk with people about how teenagers became disrespectful. I realized that all around Italy we had the same problem, and I was not the only person started to think about.

When I was 25 years old, I went to Australia for two years and half. Didn’t take me so long to understand the disrespectful teens wasn’t only an Italian problem. Every year, many young people under 31years old goes to Australia, thank at the possibility to have a working holiday visa, for travel and work, making an amazing life experience. In my time there, I met a lot of people, and I given much thought about this problem. When I realized that most of teenagers around the occidental world are melancholically similar, I get sad and I started to get really worried.

When I came back home from Australia, I had a sad confirmation that this trend, in Italy, was not something small. In fact, the problem raised enough that a new name was created for define this kind of people. Is not a joke, in Italy those people are now called “bimbominkia” which is a funny depreciative name for describe them. According with Urban Dictionary, the only source who describe this name in English language, the Bimbominkia is:

“An italian disparaging term to define a kid, a teenager, or even a younger brat, who’s behaving and talking like a lamer, a looser, a sucker, a wanker, and a noob (especially when used in MMPOG such as WoW). He/she (or IT?) is a poser,a wanna be. IT usually writes ill-formed, ungrammatical sentences with lots of abbreviations and exaggerated emoticons. Often associated with emos.”

In conclusion, the main point about this change, in my opinion, is the brainwash of television. Is really a big argument that should be deepened everywhere in the world where is happening. If we can realize what cause this trend of disrespectful teens, we can change it, so our future will not be dark.





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